I’m a little shy, I can also be a little bit crazy. I’m funny; I like a good laugh and I love to read, too. Sometimes I just sit still and stare off into space and that’s when I get good ideas for books – if I ever get around to writing any. My mum calls it daydreaming, but I call it imagining. I really love to read, and sleep, and watch movies. I like beautiful scenery and tearful, heart-stopping moments and sentimental things. I believe in magic, I believe in true love, though I am yet to find mine. I always fall asleep listening to music, I’d love to double pierce my ears. I like to sing, I really like animals, my favorite being dogs. Someday, I hope to travel the world. I also want to be a lawyer because there is too much pain and injustice in the world. I’d love to make new friends but I’m not very social at first sight. I’m insanely in love with One Direction and Dylan O’Brien.

I participate in the AFS program because it is a stepping stone for my dream of travelling the world. I want to have beautiful memories of different countries, and I want to dream in different languages. I want to learn how to be confident and more independent and to be able to accept people for who they are during my AFS program. I want to learn the names of new animals and I want to learn how to swim.

I want to share my experiences with others; life isn’t measured by the breaths that you take but by the moments that take your breath away. I want to share joy and laughter and even pain with others, especially my host family. I’d like to teach others a little bit of faith and hopefully teach them how to accept my weirdness in their lives.


Yolanda Beeko, exchange student from Ghana to Belgium